Six Cats Under is a short point-and-click puzzle game developed by Team Bean Loop, a small group of old university friends who sometimes get together to do game jams or try animation challenges (see also Treasure Squeaker). 
This game was made for an Adventure Jam, an annual game jam where you and your team make an adventure game in only 2 weeks!
As well as designing the overall puzzle behind the game, I created the majority of the animations, for example, all of the cat and furniture animations.
To match the pixel-art aesthetic the team was going for, I animated all of the sequences in photoshop. These were then exported as spritesheets ready for the developers to integrate into the game.
Six Cats Under was a huge success, receiving a rating of 4.8 stars on from over 3,600 reviews, plus 100s of YouTube videos showcasing the game!

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