Short Film: Treasure Squeaker

Team Bean Loop is a small group of old university friends who sometimes get together to try animation challenges or do game jams (see also Six Cats Under). 
Treasure Squeaker is the result of a 4 day 'animation jam' in which we made a short film, from concept to final render, in only 4 days!
My main contribution was animating the visual effects (the blue glowing magic, the environmental particles etc.) as well as compositing together my teammates' work - The environment was created in 3D, whereas the character animation was created in 2D, so it was my job to combine these elements together to make them look they existed in the same space in terms of colours, lighting and texture. 
I also drew several supporting graphics such as the foliage and other environmental details.

Composition Breakdown for some scenes in Treasure Squeaker

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