Final video for 'Planting seeds' animation.

To promote their Living Memory campaign, registered charity Alzheimer's Society asked Five by Five to come up with three different video creatives to test on their paid social. I created three distinct videos, each advertising the same product and remaining on brand, but each exploring a different animation style. I particularly enjoyed animating the watering can and blooming flowers in the vector-style 'Planting seeds' animation.

'Planting seeds' storyboard.

Final video for 'Mother/daughter' animation.

'Mother/daughter' storyboard.

Final video for 'Watercolour' animation.

'Watercolour' storyboard.

The 'Mother/daughter' concept was the only one to include photography, and utilised a doodle-style drawing animation to create a scrapbook-like feel to the video. The 'Watercolour' concept focused on creating a more delicate style, depicting the flowers being painted into the scene. I think all three concepts succeeded in looking significantly different from each other, while featuring the same core components.
Facebook mock-ups were created to help the client visualise the adverts in-situ.

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