Looping Ghost Animation

For Motion Collabs' Halloween challenge ('Loopaween') I illustrated and animated a cute little ghost. The challenge involved creating a looping animation/gif with a spooky theme. I used a blend of Adobe Illustrator, Firefly, Photoshop and After Effects to bring this to life.

Initial Design.

I started by drawing the ghost character as a basic vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator. I decided that I wanted him to be interacting with a cauldron - the stirring spoon and bubbling pot could form the main looping motion in the animation.
Images created using generative AI (Adobe Firefly) using the prompt: 'cute ghost cooking in a cottagecore kitchen'.
I had an idea that the ghost could be in a cosy little kitchen - a bit of a subversion to the usual spooky environment you might expect from a ghost. I was struggling to find suitable reference images, so I decided to have my first go at using Adobe Firefly, generating some inspiration and kitchen layout references.
I drew the rest of the image in Illustrator. I also updated the colour scheme, taking inspiration from my AI generated reference images.

Vector Components created in Illustrator.

Shading and texture added in Photoshop.

Next, I exported my vector layers and brought them into Photoshop. Here I used a brush tool to draw on the shadows and highlights, creating a more hand-drawn, textured look.
Finally, I brought my illustration into After Effects to create the final animated piece.

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