I worked with Unite to create this animation for Travelodge, showcasing the company's sustainability practices for their hotels. I was briefed to create an isometric depiction of a Travelodge hotel which would then have various labelled features build in.

Sped up animation of the scene build with a static camera

This project had a pretty short turnaround time, so in order to meet the deadline, I sourced a lot of imagery from stock websites, especially more complex illustrations such as the vehicles and bicycles. I also created many of the objects from scratch in Illustrator, such as the hotel itself (which was based on a reference image of a real Travelodge hotel), the boiler room on the roof, and the bug hotels, all of which were too specific to source from stock assets.

Once I had animated the scene building up, I simply moved a 'camera' around the scene, pausing for labels to pop up when appropriate.

Completed build of the scene

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