Edit showcasing the 7 different creative variations for the campaign.

Five by Five worked with First Bus to create a suite of assets for social media which aimed to recruit new employees for the bus company. I was tasked with compositing the footage together with the newly designed 'flow' graphic to create 7 video variations, each showcasing different drivers, career paths and messaging, across 3 different social media channels.
I started by grading the raw footage to match key visuals from the campaign's existing static components. Once the 'flow' graphic was positioned, I could determine which parts of the footage needed to be rotoscoped to allow the lines to flow behind various areas. After a few finishing touches (shadows, fades etc.) I added the titles and logos.

Breakdown example of a square format video for Facebook.

Snapchat 'Safe Zone' Guide

TikTok 'Safe Zone' Guide

For the Snapchat and TikTok vertical formats, I had to take into account the parts of the video that would be covered up by each of the apps' user interfaces. I provided guides overlaid onto the videos to demonstrate to the client why things had been positioned a certain way to accommodate this.

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